On this Spot in July of 2012, Nothing Much Happened

To clarify, this is a post about not posting regularly. You’ve read them before no doubt, in fact you’ve probably written a few yourself. I’m not writing this because I really don’t have anything else to write about, I’m writing this to get the wheels turning again. You’ve been warned.

Having trouble sleeping: keep reading.

Need to procrastinate: keep reading.

Enjoy reading another perspective on a shared experience: keep reading. 


I’m a big Seth Godin fan, and as a loyal reader I am routinely cautioned against the temptation to publish a shoddy blog post or tweet for the sake of publishing. I freely admit that this post violates that rule, sorry Seth. There is no question though that our collective attention spans are quite short and in this hyper-saturated media-crazed era saying less is more.

The gist of this post could be communicated with the attached photo (made with my new favorite app called “Over”) and three little words – Less. Is. More. But in this case just posting the picture would not have helped me push through my bloginertia. 

So humor me and stay-tuned for the next brilliant, cutting-edge and thought-provoking installment of the LoomisBurton Blog.

I promise that on that date something will actually happen.


Good to Great


Good to Great

Everyone has resources and assets, skills and strengths.

Good results come to those who deploy them efficiently.

Great results come to those who deploy them expertly.

Look hard at what your working with and constantly seek new ways to combine and utilize your resources.

The gap between good and great is smaller than you might think.