LoomisBurton is a proud member of Geekdom, San Antonio’s coolest collaborative coworking space. And here’s why.

Geekdom is a community, the members experience and build social equity through the relationships they make with fellow members. Those relationships are authentic and valuable. This means that when one member needs help, other members help them.
Geekdom is collaborative for many of the same reasons. It is also designed that way, the open nature of the space, the communal elements of the space, the shared nature of the space put people in regular contact with other members and when people bump into each other they tend to talk about what they are doing, working on, ect and they exchange ideas and they collaborate.
Geekdom is authentic and memorable because of the personal exchanges that the members have with one another and the social programming that brings people together to learn, have fun, and make cool stuff.
Geekdom is unique and special and valuable because building a place that nurtures relationships like that is hard to do.
Geekdom is happening, so don’t miss out.

Tune into CNU20

The 20th annual Congress for the New Urbanism is taking place right now in West Palm Beach, Florida. The congress features lectures and open-source pop-up meetings about urbanism, architecture, cities, placemaking, culture, transportation, food, and many other topics. There are lots of ways to follow the proceedings, and here are just a few:

On Twitter follow hashtag #CNU20 #NextGen9 #NewUrbanism






And while you’re at it, join CNU to support walkable compact places and vibrant communities.