How a bookstore’s closing restored my love of books

I love books but like lots of folks, it can be hard to find time to read. As a result for several years I listened to most of the books that I “read”. But then something happened that pushed me back to books, and ironically, it was the closure of a book store. During the final days of Border’s going out of business sale I filled a few baskets with books of all kinds. Business books (every title they had from the Harvard Press), photography, architecture, and other miscellany.

I was thrilled with the haul, but daunted by the prospect of finding the time to actually ingest my new trove of knowledge. The books sat on my bedside for months, and I seriously contemplated downloading the audiobook versions of several titles. But I stopped short, instead committing to just dive in and read.

The photos below are those books that I find myself referring to frequently, some of which I literally cart around in my messenger bag on a daily basis. A few of these titles were not from my Border’s binge, but books I bought after my return to reading. Take a look at the titles below and happy reading.











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