Good Reading: The 2011 “Profiting with Sustainable Development” Summit Book List

This past Friday the San Antonio River Authority and Hill Country Alliance co-sponsored the Green Futures Summit at the Pearl Studio. The title of the summit was “Profiting with Sustainable Development” and featured an excellent line-up of speakers including Randall Arendt, Perry Bigelow, Terry E. Mitchell, Don Bosse, Todd LaRue and Darryl Byrd among others. The subject matter was well presented and engaging, with a variety of experts providing best practices, case studies and experience-based suggestions on how the built environment can be built better and greener.

Among the many valuable take-aways from the summit was the presenter’s list of suggested reading which was offered informally during almost every segment. I have compiled the list of titles and authors here for your reading pleasure.

“Making Room for Life” by Randy Frazee

“Pocket Neighborhoods” by Ross Chapin

“The Original Green” by Stephen Mouzon

“Pattern Language” by Christopher Alexander (other titles include “The Timeless Way of Building”

“Rural by Design” by Randall Arendt (other titles include “Envisioning Better Communities” and “Growing Greener”)

“Saved by Development” by Rick Pruetz (other titles include “Green Legacy” and “Lasting Value” which will be released 12/16/2011)

“The Divine Conspiracy” by Dallas Willard

“Moving Forward” by Editors Nicolas P. Retsinas and Eric S. Belky

The SA2020 Report – – Curbside Chat –

One thought on “Good Reading: The 2011 “Profiting with Sustainable Development” Summit Book List

  1. I hadn’t seen this when it first posted… appreciate the mention! I know most of the books and concur… will check out the others. BTW, your last line ( is a site well worth looking at for several reasons. Its author, Chuck Marohn, is a “recovering engineer” with lots of useful observations on the ways we make places.

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